Biodegradable packages

Special biodegradable packages (bio packages) – are environmentally friendly innovations that will improve the image of your company. These are packing materials of the future. For caring about the environment and the client, in order to show that your company tracks the innovations and brings them to life, it is absolutely necessary to use biodegradable packaging. Bio – packages in no way inferior plastic counterparts, either in appearance or in strength.

Degeneration period of bio-plastic package is 1.5-2 years, without a need to create special conditions, only light, water and oxygen must be provided. The cost difference between conventional and biodegradable package is not essential, the usual package is cheaper for 10-15%.

Popularity of bio packages increases constantly, they conquered more than 60 countries. The largest wholesale customers are global retailers such as Tesco, KFC, Pizza Hut, Aldi, Walmart and many others. By placing your ads on the package, you will be able to emphasize your attitude to the environment. The gradual transition from conventional to biodegradable packages is an important socially responsible task for our company.